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Production of furniture from a tree

Production of wooden furniture to order

shkaf4_2The abundance of artificial materials affected a little desire of the person to surround itself with a worthy tree furniture. In the massif the magnificent quality, reliability, environmental friendliness is appreciated. The original design ideas of wooden furniture which decorated our portfolio in more than twenty years of work – the evidence of ergonomics and variability of execution of such furniture under the order. Dear residents of the capital and Moscow area became our clients, their exclusive tastes were embodied in the most interesting projects of the company.

Advantages of natural wood

Working with natural raw materials, we love wooden surfaces for their excellent properties:

  • Practicality and long service life, weak susceptibility to wear
  • Amazing functionality, possibility of accomplishment of intricate contours and forms
  • Respectability and elegance of wooden furniture
  • Утонченная эстетичность и богатый выбор рисунка
  • The naturalness, environmental friendliness and special natural power of a pacification salutary for owners
  • Stability and reliability, possibilities of restoration

Qualities of a tree allow to apply it in any interiors where the exclusive and good quality is expected.

Popular and exotic breeds of a tree

lestnica_2A variety of invoices of wood give an extraordinary scope of imagination at combination of wooden surfaces and modern materials. Production of furniture from a tree to order in Moscow assumes infinite number of decisions, some examples you will see in a photo gallery.

Wood grades which are applied in furniture production are divided into types on the hardness and softness, shades, belonging to deciduous or coniferous plants. We give preference to strong breeds of an elite segment – an oak, a beech, an elm, a tic, mahogany, a black rosewood, wenge, the Karelian birch, a merbaa, etc. The furniture from a tree of these grades is steadier against scratches and cracks, has the beautiful smooth surfaces suitable for dressing by a skillful carving. Softer the pine, an alder, an aspen, a linden, a fir, a chestnut are applied in mass and production versions.

On color allocate light, dark and red grades. Each of them finds application in unique design projects where it is beaten within the created composition. Production of wooden furniture to order submits to the general rules of design: primary use of light furniture in small rooms with a lack of natural lighting, more dark – in spacious bright rooms. Though derogations from classics if desired are possible.

The Nikolaeff.su company carries out requests of clients

The matchless collections created by clever fingers of our cabinetmakers have no analogs. The qualified engineers, designers and masters work for realization of the most daring and uncommon ideas. We created a set of products and sets of beautiful wooden furniture in various styles:

  • unprecedented examples of reserved luxury of the classical direction
  • surprising combinations of modern materials to the massif
  • accurate forms from exotic breeds of wood
  • decorative fragments of commercial, private, state interiors
  • ready interiors of apartments and turnkey cottages from classics to a modernist style

Production of furniture from solid wood does not belong to cheap pleasures, it is sign of solvency and love to comfort. But to order and receive such furniture precisely under the individual sizes and ambitions – means, to make the room the unique embodiment of grace and style.

Address to the Nikolaeff.su company behind exclusive design, we will contact you for the choice of time of a meeting.