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Elite Furniture

Do you want to know everything about your furniture?

Find the value of your brand hardware analogue Italian furniture and subtract 30% (doesn’t apply to serial production). Divide in half term real Italian. Add product warranty 5 years, and 10 years on accessories. Get the best prompt service of Moscow’s famous manufacture and the opportunity to control the production and manufacturing of your order on-line. Make your choice.

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Dear ladies and gentlemen.

Already more than twenty years the design and quality of our furniture is pleasant to hundreds of our clients in Russia and abroad. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and we will be glad to see you among our customers. In this section you can see photos of some of our works.
Work with natural materials, implementation of projects of any complexity to order and also sale of elite furniture at the affordable prices are the main activities of our company more than 20 years. In the work we use the most modern production equipment, unique techniques of processing and finishing of a tree and a natural stone and also accessories and materials of exclusively European quality.

To buy everyone elite furniture to order in Moscow, we offer:

– kitchens and table groups,
– offices and libraries,
– cases, walls and dressers,
– doors and decorative partitions,
– reception and elite tables,
– fireplaces and home decoration.

Also we make to order iconostases and other furniture for your personal chapel. And in our section “Finished goods” you will be able to find and buy exclusive products which are available in our warehouse.

Our advantages

Nikolaeff.su is the company which is engaged in furniture of interiors of any complexity. Experience, the professional equipment and elite materials allow us to compete as products to the leading European brands.

The people preferring to buy exclusive furniture from Italy estimated quality of cooperation with our company long ago. Our design models not only do not concede to the European analogs, but also in many respects surpass them.

We offer the customers:

– real saving of time,
– the prices, 10 times less European,
– perfect quality,
– opportunity online of control of the order,
– the round-the-clock availability of the manager and detailed reports about a stage of works,
– individual approach.

The exclusive furniture created by us and interiors to order decorate houses and private apartments of politicians, artists, oligarchs and just people with good taste today.

+7 (495) 969 7474