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Elite living room furniture

You are interested in really qualitative exclusive living room furniture? But proposals of the Italian producers do not arrange at the price and terms? And maybe, you want to develop an own unique interior? We offer you quality of Italy, a guarantee for furniture up to 5 years and accessories up to 10 years and also a possibility of real economy to 30% and control of execution of the order at all stages on our Moscow production. More than 20 years we are known in the market of elite interiors. Our works are appreciated by the best designers and took the places in houses of the famous actors, movie stars, politicians and cultural figures. We masterly work with the massif of any tree, perfectly we combine classics with the most modern materials – glass, metal, mirror and stained glass compositions, a mosaic. In order that your elite furniture to the new living room really differed from offers of the market and expressed your identity, we offer: - production of unique fragments of an interior, - production of unique decorative components, - design and production of living rooms of groups, - production of furniture of any style. With our help you will be able to add "highlight" to already arranged living room, or to completely update a situation in acceptable time limits and at reasonable prices.