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Elite kitchens

You family masterpiece Production of Elite kitchens in Moscow is our specialization the last 30 years... Judging by responses of our Customers, in production of copies and remarks of kitchen furniture of the known world brands, we reached such skill that our remarks of the European furniture often surpass originals in quality. For example, Francesco Molon makes the kitchens in China of the massif of a poplar, and a poplar too soft material for kitchen. Our remark of Molon is made of the massif of nut, a maple, an ash-tree, an oak and other hard-wooded broadleaved breeds by the diplomaed Moscow masters. Also our remarks cost much cheaper, and are made much quicker than the European analogs. In addition, we are official dealers of two tens main global manufacturers of the equipment for kitchen and the house therefore we will please you and an official guarantee for the equipment (2 years) and a guarantee for accessories (10 years) and, of course, a guarantee for our furniture (5 years). Well, and such pleasant trifles as discounts, selection of any color or any breed of a tree according to your taste, secret boxes, sliding chopping boards from a cedar and an eucalyptus or even individual production of handles with your initials, certainly will add joy and pleasure to your family kitchen center...