Kuppersbusch (Germany)

And you know that to the West German production of the kitchen equipment of Kuppersbusch 143 years? And such electric stoves which appeared in Russia only in the 90th years of the last century Kuppersbusch released in 1925?

Any detail of this equipment was never made and not manufactured in China. All equipment has a smartphones application which allows to operate far off it and to upgrade built in ON the equipment including culinary recipes.

And you know that to the technician of Kuppersbusch paint on RAL, even refrigerators? And at the plant in Germany.

Only in washing and drying machines of Kuppersbusch, there are special antibacterial and hypoallergenic programs. Special replaceable filters, collect allergens, dust, cat’s wool and pollen of plants from things. And still, these cars, the most silent…

To download the catalog of the equipment with retail prices of Kuppersbusch 2018.

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