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Design-studio “Harmony Interiors”

We cooperate with the Nikolaeff.su company already on several projects. Nikolaeff.su team true professionals!
The quality of their joiner’s products, skill of joiners and goodwill of managers raised a high bar for their competitors. Also there is a wish to select a design component of joiner’s products on which terms of mounting and all alterations depend. For designers – it is very important to have the reliable partner on whom it is possible to rely and which can safely entrust the embodiment of an image in a real product. In the person of Anton Nikolaev we found that collective which perfectly copes with all objectives. And our customers are happy with the main-pointed result.

Yours faithfully,
Sergey Shchepovalin, Nina Abaseeva
Moscow, 2016.

Your Sincerely, Harmony Interiors
Harmony Interiors
Boris Mukhin

Progressive tense I cooperate with the Nikolaeff.su company, and we jointly executed several successful projects!
All products made by the company differ in very high quality of production, ideal adjustment and mounting in an interior.
Also very much an opportunity to think out not simple products, and with use of metal, glass and non-standard solutions on processing of a tree pleases.
The advantage most important that technologists of the company undertake a responsible role at approval of projects of furniture of the customer, working drawings of furniture make and also take active creative part in creation of new samples of furniture.

Yours faithfully,
Mukhin Boris, Art Director of Libra Design.

Your Sincerely, Mukhin Boris Art Director of Libra Design
Mukhin Boris
Art Director of Libra Design
Nellie Savelyeva

I want to mention a professional attitude to work and the human relation to the customers of Nikolaeff company and directly the owner Anton Nikolaev!
My order (manufacturing of wardrobes, doors and decorative wood trim apartment) was taken by the work in difficult conditions — repairs completed, the apartment inhabited, plus — the need to dismantle and fix someone else’s mistakes and imperfections. Order was completed on time, works are made with high quality and delicate in relation to tenants and the surrounding furniture. All your further orders I will only do here, and recommend to my friends and acquaintances!

Yours faithfully,
Nellie Savelyeva, co-owner of the yacht club «Admiral».
Your Sincerely, Nellie Savelyeva Co-owner of the yacht club «Admiral»
Nellie Savelyeva
Co-owner of the yacht club «Admiral»
Designer-architect Valeria Senkina

It would be desirable to express admiration and gratitude of the Nikolaeff.su company!
At last it was succeeded to find partners who can entrust objects of any complexity, customers with any inquiries and wishes and that the most important, as a result, I can be completely sure of excellent quality, the great organization and observance of terms of works.

Yours faithfully,
Valeria Senkina is an architect

Your Sincerely, Valeria Senkina architect
Valeria Senkina
Designer Valery Zalivako

I’d like to thank you for the great work done!
Doors and a kitchen — just a work of art! Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Valery Zalivako, designer.


Your Sincerely, Valery Zalivako designer
Valery Zalivako
Design-studio “Rakurs”

Thank you for your thoughtful and precise work!
High product quality and compliance with deadlines. We hope for further cooperation.

Yours faithfully,
Team «Rakurs».
Your Sincerely, Team «Rakurs»
Team «Rakurs»
Ekaterina Borodulkina

“The princess on a pea” or as we chose a mattress)))
The Good dream for the person guarantee of health, physical forces and mood. For a good dream it is necessary to create a number of conditions. Among them the berth costs to some of the first. Specifically it is about a mattress. When Katya had an orthopedic bed, we expected to receive that good healthy sleep and not only a dream, but also convenient wakefulness in a bed too. It turned out that such remarkable new bed has to have at least one shortcoming. Its mattress was it. Katya strongly sweated because of its water-repellent cover, zarubtsovanny resuscitation decubituses forced to remember themselves again. Generally it was necessary to take measures urgently. We ordered other mattress under the size and with Hollofayber filler as the old mattress from a children’s bed was with such contents and did not cause inconveniences. The order was received and with pleasure went to the kingdom of dreams, but were woken in the first night by compassionate groan – the same, old fighting wounds haunted, in addition the back began to hurt the child. We were slightly puzzled – there is a long-awaited bed, but it does not please at all and does not bring the expected conveniences, and absolutely on the contrary. But all accidental is not casual – on pages of the immensity of Facebook, came across Anton Nikolaev’s article about a healthy sleep with the description of importance of a right choice of a mattress. Decided to address the expert with a problem. The PERSON did not refuse, undertook and helped. As a result Katya soon had a new mattress. We crossed fingers for the next night …… and silence, there are no pains, there is no discomfort, all returned into place only already on a new long-awaited bed and on the new, qualitatively made mattress. All so well continues to be and today therefore we can tell with confidence: “It is checked on personal experience”. Yes, there are a lot of advantages in this mattress: the size was necessary to us absolutely non-standard to place on a bed the equipment – not a problem, we will make! The cover deserves separate admiration – on all perimeter there is a lightning that by 150,000 times facilitates leaving (and cannot be! – the cover did not “shrink” after laundering), fabric of a cover “breathes”, is pleasing to the eye and fingertips. Conclusion: honest responsible producers exist! We wish them prosperity and all benefits! Thanks Anton Nikolaev.

Your Sincerely, Ekaterina Borodulkina
Ekaterina Borodulkina
Elena and Ruslan

We would like to sincerely thank the staff of Nikolaeff.su, and personally CEO Anton Nikolaev!
Choice was among 10 companies engaged in the manufacture of furniture for individual designs — it was necessary to make a dressing room, a library and furniture for the room of a teenage girl 16 years old. The first reason why we chose this company — is the ratio of price — quality. Decision on the conclusion of contracts was made immediately after the meeting with Anton when we discussed all the details. An important factor in the decision was the director Anton — high-class professional, very pleasant and likable person taking into account all our «troubles» (which we have had quite a few), he advised how better to decide one or the other technical and aesthetic aspects. That was important for us. The complexity that arose personally in our manufacturing process of furniture, it is a choice of colors. Never had to do this (previously acquired principally ready furniture), so we were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the palette. But the guys have helped define the colors, providing some «dyed» on furniture.
The result turned out very beautiful colors with the application of the patina. The furniture itself was very beautiful and robust, made ??to last. The timing turned out longer than we would like. Yet it is furniture for individual projects with a lot of nuances and requirements from our side. But seeing the result, we understand that it’s worth it!
If you really want to get an exclusive, beautiful and high quality furniture — RECOMMEND.
Anton, thank you very much!

Yours faithfully,
Elena and Ruslan
Your Sincerely, Elena and Ruslan
Elena and Ruslan
Svetlana K.

The Nikolaeff company was recommended three years ago to me by my friend whom have made sliding wardrobe with such frame for mirror what all other manufacturers refused to do!
That is here create everything that soul of the customer will wish. And my sliding wardrobes to the bedroom have ideally fitted into set, including on color. Doors from the massif (the following order) – the embodiment of my dream. Now I wait for case to the hall which design and color correspond to the available Portuguese curbstone. And it, I hope, not my last order as to cooperate with such wonderful masters, designers and their head – Anton Grigoryevich – it is extremely pleasant. I wave away from offers to order somewhere cheaper as always I remember the words of my grandmother about what cheap cannot be good and penny-wise and pound-foolish. And quality of the furniture created, I so would tell, the Nikolaeff company, above any praises, plus obligation, responsibility of employees, desire to achieve the best result. Special gratitude to Andrey Kuzmin for high professionalism, patience and attention to trifles.
To us no sanctions European are scary – we the have masters, and better!

Yours faithfully,
Svetlana K.

Your Sincerely, Svetlana K. state employee
Svetlana K.
state employee
Designer Evgenia Orlovskaya

I work with the Nikolaeff.su company seven years!
During this time products of firm completed many objects, and cabinets, a plinth, window sills, screens of radiators, furniture underwent already long-term testing for durability that is very important for joiner’s products, especially in our climate and at our heating system.
The Nikolaeff.su company always guarantees high quality and result, carries out mounting and adjustment of products and also post-guarantee maintenance — an important point for the designer and the client.
The Nikolaeff.su company gives great opportunities for implementation of the most courageous interior solutions, helps to consider all nuances when developing author’s products. At a complete set of our objects there are many luxury factories of Italy and Germany therefore appearance, accessories, internal filling of products to order should conform to the highest requirements for this reason the Nikolaeff.su company is already a lot of years — our reliable partner who can be trusted.

Yours faithfully,
Evgenia Orlovskaya

Your Sincerely, Evgenia Orlovskaya designer
Evgenia Orlovskaya
Designer Violetta Filippova

With pleasure I write a review of joint cooperation with your company!
So, what is pleasant:
1. The stable quality of products is not dependent on a season. Installation to already premises is made very accurately.
2. The independent and legally correctly issued contracts with customers. Observance of guarantees under these contracts.
3. Creation of qualitative drawings according to my sketches with obligatory
their coordination at the customer. Well smoothly running work between the designer and
project managers.
4. Existence of a large number of samples of materials. Qualitative accessories.
5. An opportunity to experiment with new materials.

Yours faithfully,
Violetta Filippova

Your Sincerely, Violetta Filippova designer
Violetta Filippova
Designer-decorator Galina Mikulik

Came true! For many years of work as the designer in the Russian market I managed to find the furniture company which, not only is able to execute any product according to sketches of the architect, but that the most important, completely to conform to requirements of the international furniture standard!
If I within 15 years of work, did not complete objects with furniture from the best European and American producers if did not suffer with the Russian furniture factories, in hope to beat out from them though something not similar to “masterpieces of a dead season”, then my delight, perhaps, was – more moderate.
But the fact remains. The Nikolaeff.su company, today, not only revived high art of joiner’s craft, not only raised the master’s hands on “board”, but also managed successfully to connect all this to world technologies of furniture design. And as result: customers are happy, designers are satisfied, for Russia it is more not offensively!!! Good fellows! To hold so!

Yours faithfully, Galina Mikulik

Your Sincerely, Galina Mikulik designer
Galina Mikulik

I want to tell that everything turned out very much, and very COOL!!!
Everything is so beautiful that coming into the room feel like the aristocrat from 18-19 centuries, there is even an effect of old times. And it is magnificent. I very much liked the picked-up color of furniture (it at me turned out white with an interesting shade) Special thanks for a bed which was made for me according to the picture of the foreign magazine by the sizes which were suitable for me and my room. It turned out very beautifully!
In a word (well, any) I want to tell you many, human THANKS!

Yours faithfully, Nastya 16 years
Your Sincerely, Nastya 16 years
Nastya 16 years
Andrey N.

I want to express great gratitude for production of custom products to all staff of the Nikolaeff.su company and personally to Volosovo to Sergey, Kuzmin Andrey and the CEO — to Nikolaev Anton Grigoryevich!
Addressed to the company twice on the embodiment of design thoughts in reality (cases to the hall and a curbstone under TV). Flatter sing songs will not be, but works are performed really at the worthy level, taking into account all specific features of products and the customer’s wishes. It is pleasant that as a result you get a ready job in that look and quality in what you expect. Meet expectations of customers further.

Thanks and progress!

Yours faithfully, Andrey N. (Odintsovo)
Your Sincerely, Andrey N. (Odintsovo)
Andrey N. (Odintsovo)
Margarita Maikova

Dear sirs! I want to thank the Nikolaeff.su company for the services in production of furniture rendered at the highest professional level (3 dressers for the bedroom)!
All works, beginning from design and the drawing and finishing with assembly, were executed qualitatively and quickly. Most of all upon purchase of not factory furniture frightened me that finished products I will look poorly and samodelno. The choice of your company was defined, first of all, by photos of your finished goods on the website of the company. My furniture confirmed great skills of your experts – furniture is not worse at all, than produced in the industrial method (unambiguously better!!!).
I want to express special gratitude to the manager of my project – to Evgeny Tsaryabin, for responsiveness and ability to gain, for professional approach to business and the attentive attitude towards the client.
Thank you for work and also for my good mood from possession of such beauty!
I promise to send photos of beauty as soon as I get to the bedroom of a curtain, the worthy neighbourhoods with such beauty!

Yours faithfully, Margarita Maikova — Advisor of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS Member States.

Your Sincerely, Margarita Maikova Advisor of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS Member States.
Margarita Maikova
Advisor of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS Member States.
Romaeva N. A.

I want to thank Nikolaeff for their excellent work!
All furniture makes a joy ??from owning and pleasure of contemplation. I want to note inexhaustible knowledge, taste and talent of company owner Anton Nikolaev. Adherence to the highest standards, emphasize international standards, puts out a great result. Look forward to working with this wonderful company.

Good luck, with respect and appreciation Romaeva N.A., oligarch’s wife.
Your Sincerely, Romaeva N.A. oligarch’s wife
Romaeva N.A.
oligarch’s wife
Olga E.

I express my gratitude and appreciation to the staff of the company for their excellent work, high professionalism of the co-workers!
It’s always pleasure to work with you!

Sincerely, Olga E., an official.
Your Sincerely, Olga E. an official
Olga E.
an official