V-Zug (Switzerland)

Premium Swiss Quality in kitchen is not only quality, but also innovations, functionality and elegance.

And you know that only V-Zug makes the combined furnace three in one: microwave, double boiler and oven? And all three modes can work at the same time – the oven fries a product surface, the microwave prepares a product from within, and the double boiler saturates a product with moisture at this time, controlling juiciness. Thus, even the most difficult dish (and in the program hundreds of dishes from the best chefs of the world are already put), prepares no more than 11-12 minutes. And unlike the cook, this equipment will never be mistaken neither on temperature half-degree, nor on a quarter of percent of humidity.

And for the present nobody in the world made such furnace, only V-Zug, Switzerland…

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