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What do you need to get the product of your dream?

What do you need to get the product of your dream?

1. Decide:

Make a sketch of your product or pick Preview analogue (prototype). Select the material of which it must be executed, to determine the color, surface texture and exemplary dimensions. The more information about the product, the faster and more accurate implementation of the project. If you have any questions – we will help you.

2. Contact us:

Call, write a letter, request a callback drive us in showroom or invite our expert to yourself (an extra charge). According to the results of our consultation, you get an updated sketch of the product, price and production time. 

3. Cost of services:

Check out design manager within Moscow Ring Road: 2 000 rub. consultation + sketch + measurement+  cost calculation
Check out design manager beyond Moscow Ring Road: 2 500 rub. consultation + sketch + measurement+ cost calculation
Computer 3D product design: 5 000 rub. Visualization and interior design 
Consultation in our office and on the phone : free from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00
Calculating of the cost of the product on your sketch and dimensions free applications without phone numbers are not considered