Classical elite kitchens


Refinement, magnificent quality, non-standard solutions of any complexity – all this the classical style which was and will be relevant at all times. The classical style in furniture is a certain severity, but in only magnificent manifestation.

To represent classical elite kitchens there is no need. First of all, classics is an indicator of faultless taste, luxury and respectability. Such furniture fonts several massivna, but at the same time they create a cosiness, give feeling of durability, confidence, security. Really, reliability of classics is indisputable because such furniture is made of the natural materials checked for centuries. The tree though is whimsical in leaving, but in too time it is considered the most durable at due care.

In an interior the classical style is characterized by the correct geometrical form of the room. The same clearness of all geometrical forms and to the complete kitchens executed in style of the classic is inherent. They are projected the most often angular models or linear.

Ordering exclusive classical furniture for kitchen, you can be sure that it will be appreciated by your guests. Not for nothing speak – good taste in fashion always. In our world everything changes, but classics always remains it is loved. For this reason people, equipping the dwelling, a bowl of all also give preference to classics. Choose such furniture first of all those who appreciate comfort, nobility, regularity, stability. If you prefer in all an order, conservatism, symmetry – you should choose kitchen in classical style.

Style history


Integrity of an image, luster of natural wood, ideally flat lines – all this about the ageless classical style originating in the 17th century. It gave rise to unsurpassed rococo and baroque, to this day this style strides victoriously in all civilized countries of the world.

Arising in the Middle Ages when luxurious palaces reigned, bright refined dresses and hairstyles, the classical style was present at an interior of the richest people. Of course, in those days appeared and many other fashionable styles, only they, after achievement of a certain peak of the popularity, pretty quickly disappeared. And here classics remained relevant always. It over the years was exposed to some changes, but they could not have on it very considerable impact therefore in classics the architectural receptions based on the principles of “golden ratio” which are always pleasant to a human eye ispolnutsya.

If to speak about modern classical style, then it is possible to note that it united 2 known ancient styles. These are such styles as baroque and rococo. Therefore all houses which are executed only in classical style are characterized not only by luxury and wealth, but also grandeur.

Elements of classical kitchen

In registration of a classical interior of kitchen not only the tree, but also bronze, gilding, shod/carved elements, a stucco molding surely has to be used

Colors of furniture which are characteristic of classical style are natural, absolutely natural tone:

  • cognac color;
  • olive;
  • all shades of brown;
  • white;
  • beige tone;
  • chocolate;
  • gray;
  • sand shades.

For classics the bright, bright and shouting tone, cheap artificial materials, negligence in registration are not acceptable, elaborate, abstract prints. Here are appropriate: absolute linear restraint, some conservatism, severity.

Most often masters decorate facades of the kitchens executed in classical style with something. So-called stained-glass windows and fusing, a facade “lattice”, art painting, different types of mosaics are considered as the most traditional elements of a decor … As for complete kitchens, they can be decorated by means of accurate stylish incrustations, artificial gilding, a thin and unusual carving.

Features of elite classics

– Furniture for kitchens of classical design is most often made of such breeds of wood as: beech, sweet cherry, acacia, nut, oak. In such kitchen the central chandeliers made of metal with a shod  decor will organically look. Though also other options are acceptable – it is possible to hang up a chandelier candelabrum, a chandelier in style of Tiffany.
– It is desirable to decorate windows of the kitchen executed in classical style with heavy portieres in tone of furniture.
– Curtains are hung up only long.
– The eaves have to be metal with a raid of a vintage or wooden with massive, visible tips.
– Big vases where it is possible to put qualitative artificial flowers – hydrangeas, roses, azaleas will help to recover classical kitchen.

Classics is a style which suits not only admirers of old, century traditions, but also the people who are keeping regular life to judges of comfort and elegance. But it is necessary to understand that design of such interior on a pocket only to wealthy people.

In this article the photo of the kitchen which is specially created for Zhanna Friske are used. A remark of the English cuisine made on our production in Moscow of the massif of an oak with white platinum with effect of aging.

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