Dining room

Design of an interior of the dining room for a private cottage in Moscow area is executed on our production in Moscow from an array of the European nut. As a part of an interior our masters made ceremonial entrance door group with author’s glass fyyuzingovy inserts, the decorative polished brass pads gilded by moldings and gilded handles. Ceiling eaves, a plinth and decorative wall moldings with gilded inserts and illumination. Show-windows for ware have a soft back wall from the genuine leather gathered by rhombuses and the built-in LED illumination on perimeter and behind regiments with adjustable intensity of light. The wall panel behind TV-plasma, is also made of genuine leather of the European manufacture. The window bay window is sheathed by wall panels, a part from which is fitted by a decorative curtain fabric. The sofa integrated into a bay window will also be fitted this fabric. Window sills and a floor are gathered from four types of natural Italian marble. The removable radiator screen and a table have elements of a manual thread…

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