Elite cabinets for the children’s room

Elite cases and interroom door to the children’s room are made on our production in Moscow for a private cottage situated near Moscow. The wardrobe which is built in a niche has three front shutters, regiments, bars and drawers for linen. It is decorated by the same eaves, as well as a bookcase and also, vertical pilasters on each side. The bookcase in the lower part has the removable decorative lattices closing heating radiators. The interroom door is decorated by moldings from the polished brass. The general plinth passes on all perimeter of the room and closes a socle of cases. To this children’s room of the boy, our company, also, made a dresser, a desktop, book shelves and a bed. Furniture is made of the massif of a beech and MDF, painted by semi-gloss enamel on RAL

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