Elite doors from the massif

Exclusive doors from the wooden massif are the embodiment of luxury, wealth, beauty and grace of an interior of the room. Our company offers production of unique and original doors which will decorate your house. The team of our designers is capable to complement your interior with the most high-quality doors of a premium class. We make elite doors of the massif, complementing them on the customer’s wish with various materials – stained glass inserts or glass. Our products are distinguished by the highest quality as they are made on the equipment of the well-known European companies “Bosch”, “Hammer”, and all accessories and accessories conform to the high existing standards. A basis of our doors is the integral massif of various breeds of a tree which is the most environmentally friendly material for today.

Exclusive wooden doors

Each model of our products differs in the exclusivity and originality. Our customers are the famous people, representatives of the government, prestigious hotels, restaurants, banks and night clubs. If you wish to establish the same interesting and beautiful door in own house as at a celebrity, you can reserve in us any pleasant model, having made a house interior really unique and in an European way magnificent. Such beautiful door as in your house, more at anybody won’t be. Only thanks to our design development and skill of performance of work, you will be able to become the owner of absolutely exclusive wooden doors from the massif. At choice of a basis we offer more than two hundred various breeds of a tree.

Grace in details

Today a tree – the only ideal material having high quality and indisputable environmental friendliness. By means of unique and magnificent wooden doors it is possible to decorate own house very originally as the tree gives an extraordinary scope for creativity. According to your desire products can be decorated with an original carving, incrustation, bronze casting, a natural stone, stained-glass windows, glass, gilding, polishing or other materials.

The wooden door can be tinted in any a shade, pleasant for you, which is ideal for an interior of the house or apartment. Wooden doors give to the room special warmth and a cosiness, are capable to expand space visually. Any detail of a wooden door performs not one decorative function, altering all interior of the house.

Our company buys only high-quality material and accessories from the famous European producers “Hafele”, “Friz Kohl Furnierwerk”, “Sayerlack”, “Brass Company”. The unique magnificent accessories of an exclusive wooden cloth allow to change a product, doing it original and beautiful. Similar details of finishing of a door do it especially unique. If you wish to have a door which will be really unique, then our designers will develop a product, considering all preferences of the customer. We make interroom doors of any complexity and we use in production of our products the newest innovative technicians of decorative finishing. Patina, gilding, an art carving, skin – not the full list of incrustation of our elite doors.

Wooden doors for any interior

The highly skilled team of designers will pick up the most suitable invoice for an interior of your office, the house or the apartment. The product made by our masters will decorate any room, will favourably emphasize advantages of design of the room, will add a special luster and sedate luxury. You can order also separate details which considerably will change your door and will change a view of your room (for example, the decorative slips cast from bronze). Unique exclusive doors will bring unique beauty and grace to your house. The wide experience of work of our designers and masters will allow to create the door developed and executed on the individual project. The high quality of products of our company allows to operate doors up to thirty years and more. Choosing our products, you choose the European quality, refinement, elite finishing of an interior.

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