Elite interior of the apartment on Michurinskom

This furniture and home decoration, are executed on our production in Moscow on the project of design studio of Nina Prudnikova for the private apartment on Michurinsk the avenue. Furniture in bathrooms is made of the massif of an alder in combination with a moisture resistant plate of MDF, interroom doors and facades of cases from the massif of an ash-tree, and the case of clothes and filling of cases from the painted joiner’s plate. We did not save on accessories, used BLUM and Haffele as Germans give a guarantee of 10 years on the accessories and during this time really any loop will not even creak. We checked it on own experience and now we recommend to all. Coloring of products on RAL did not take place as meticulous designers insisted on exact hit in color of the Italian chair therefore we had to resort to computer selection of enamel. Light patina gave to this elite interior of charm and elegance, and the correct illumination and pictures on walls created effect of presence of the old woman of Europe and added the atmosphere of a cosiness…

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