Elite interroom doors no. 1

Elite interroom doors and entrance door groups are made on our production in Moscow for a private cottage situated near Moscow. Entrance groups of doors on the first and second floors have the weight more than two hundred kilograms therefore they are equipped with the strengthened hidden loops with the built-in closers. Doors are decorated by the brass inserts gilded by moldings, glasses of handiwork and gilded handles. Some doors are made in such a way that on the one hand one material (the massif of the European nut), and on the other hand material of an interior of other room is used: massif of an ash-tree, massif of sweet cherry or painting by enamel. Difficult pilasters, high a plinth (up to 20 centimeters high), carving elements, multistage eaves, profile moldings, wide decorative platbands and other architectural elements are, also, integrated into a frame of these doors, decorating with themselves the general ensemble of an interior of an elite cottage.

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