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Any furniture which is created by specialists of our company is unique and exclusive. It allows our customers to create own unique cosiness and to specially decorate an interior of the house, apartment or office. The elite desk developed according to your desire will become not only decoration of the room, but also will serve as a multipurpose and convenient piece of furniture. The team of our experienced designers and masters will create only for you special furniture, other than any other. At the same time our experts consider all preferences and wishes of customers.

The modern desk is, one may say, a basic element of the room. The working capacity in an office or the educational room depends on its comfort and convenience. The multifunctionality and stylish design of an exclusive desk play an important role which cannot be underestimated.

Elite desk, what it

Our company develops and makes elite desks several years. This piece of furniture has to have all necessary departments, easily put forward boxes and sections for storage of papers, important documentation, textbooks and office supplies. Besides, the desk has to have high quality and excellent, strong accessories. Also elite desk has to fit into a surrounding interior ideally.

We create furniture only from natural quality materials of the European producers. Production of exclusive desks is made on the high-quality European equipment that guarantees durability and high quality of products.

Our products are ergonomic, comfortable, convenient. At them there is a grace, not elaborate luxury and stylish modern design. The seeming simplicity of execution allows a desk to look in an European way stylish and at the same time magnificently. At the request of the customer furniture can be inlaid with a decorative carving and other materials. In production of exclusive desks the graceful and strong accessories from the famous European producers “Friz Kohl Furnierwerk”, “Hafele”, “Brass Company”, “Sayerlack” are used. For this reason our products are ready to serve many years, they durable, strong and qualitative.

Being the integral element of an office or the room, the elite desk has to correspond to surrounding design of the room completely. Specialists of our company will help to pick up the most optimum and fashionable shade of a desk, to tint a piece of furniture in necessary color which will successfully emphasize the general interior of the room. One of the most ultrafashionable flowers of modern desks is “wenge” and “Makassar” color.

The desk can be made of any material chosen by you. Our company offers at choice the extensive range of the most various materials with a possibility of painting or toning of a piece of furniture at the color, necessary for you. You define texture, design, a shade of future desk. Designers of our company will create a unique piece of furniture which will ideally emphasize identity of your office or the room.

The desks made by our company do not concede in quality to the most leading global manufacturers of furniture. Also you can order from us remarks of the known brands. One of the directions of our activity is the possibility of completion of any model of a desk from the offered catalog on own preferences of the customer. Also designers of the company will develop individual model of a piece of furniture for creation of a full, uniform situation of an office or the room.

For an office or the nursery


The desk is an important element of any office or the children’s room. Our furniture is absolutely safe, thanks to special fire-prevention impregnations of materials. Desks are made only of natural, non-toxic materials that is important for office worker or the pupil. The covering of an euro-class allows furniture to look fashionably, stylish and beautifully.

Arranging own office or the children’s room it is important to understand that the desk is a part of the general interior of the room. The desktop for occupations has to be combined with other pieces of furniture and the general design of the room successfully. As a rule, in an office I order furniture in classical style. For the children’s room parents give preferences to bright tables.

The furniture for an office or the children’s room made in our company guarantees full environmental safety. The desktop for an office or the children’s room becomes covered with special non-toxic varnishes.

Choosing our desks, you choose the European quality, special style and multifunctionality.

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