Improving pillow for the house and office

The recreational pillow is the ergonomic support providing soft orthopedic support of a back or legs for restoration of the correct blood circulation and convenience in the course of long sitting or lying. The body of a recreational pillow is made of environmentally friendly latex with addition of natural rubber. Density of structure of a pillow is calculated and picked up so that to provide the maximum comfort of your body at the correct orthopedics, that is without displacement of vessels, capillaries and nerve terminations.
It is calculated that the correct inclination and height of arrangement a foot when sitting on a chair or a chair for a long time, promotes improvement of blood circulation of a back, backbone, legs and also interferes with a disease of joints, a backbone, blood vessels and removes to a dorsodynia and a neck…
Having raised a foot only on 8-10 cm from a floor, you considerably improve blood circulation and level a bearing. Houses, at office or during the travel, you can take care of the body, having provided it comfort with recreational effect.
Pillowcase from the breathing linen fabric on a lightning therefore easily acts for washing in the washing machine. The bottom of a cover is rubberized and does not slide, a protector, also does not scratch a floor. In a set, there is also the second pillowcase (a bonus from our company) from a soft plush tissue – for convenient use barefoot, without footwear.
Radius and height of the semicircular party of a recreational pillow are calculated under a bend of a backbone of the adult in cervical and lumbar department so that relaxation and advantage were maximum…
If to turn the semicircular party of a pillow down, then it is possible to carry out antiedematous exercises for feet, shaking a recreational pillow forward – back and without distracting at the same time from reading or work at the computer.
Test combination of comfort with advantage and feel a difference! If the quality of a product does not suit you, within 10 days we will replace a recreational pillow with new or we will return you money. Also, tailoring of covers from fur, skin or fabric at your choice is possible. Price on demand
Even my cat adores sleeping on a recreational pillow!

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