The organization of the storage area – a question which, as well as to furniture of rooms, it is possible to approach from very original party. Racks can be made on unique design and differ cardinally from classical cases and show-windows. More than two decades of experience and also the most modern production equipment elite wooden racks on projects of any complexity allow us to create.
We offer you: the built-in cases, racks partitions, modular classical walls, racks with a secretary. According to your desire we will create sketches of future office or house furniture, considering the room sizes, functionality of a wall and ergonomics of the storage area. Experience of the designers working in the company will allow to consider all nuances and to create really stylish and practical decision for you.
We guarantee quality and durability of exclusive wooden furniture, applying in the work natural materials, the European accessories of a segment a premium and the most modern technologies of processing of material.

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