Production of elite furniture to order

Production of design elite furniture under the order was considered as the service demanded by wealthy people at all times. In our company those who seek to equip the dwelling or office not with just unique furniture, but also the most comfortable usually do orders.

Production of design elite furniture under the order was considered as the service demanded by wealthy people at all times. In our company those who seek to equip the dwelling or office not with just unique furniture, but also the most comfortable usually do orders. Our designers develop unique projects, and masters work with natural wood, processing and decorating manually each detail – it is a guarantee of excellent result.

The algorithm of our work with clients is characterized by the simple and convenient scheme:

– meeting with the Customer, detailed discussion of the project,
– drawing up sketch;
– material selection of which furniture will be made,
– production,
– delivery of furniture to the customer and its professional installation.

Production process

Call elite such furniture which belongs to a premium to a segment, it is made of the best materials, and only according to professional sketches of designers. All fonts exclusively manually gather.

Our company carries out production of elite exclusive furniture to order in Moscow more than 20 years. But, except production of sets, we also help the clients with the choice of suitable style of execution of furniture which directly depends on a house interior (apartments, office). Having addressed us, you can be sure that our designers will develop sketches of such furniture which will ideally fit into your interior, being in harmony with already available furniture. And the best experts will submit to your attention true works of art, and, believe, they will become the best decoration of your dwelling.


Work of our experts begins with drawing up the sketch. Our designer where it makes the careful analysis of an interior at once comes out to the house or in office of the Customer. Then the expert communicates with the Customer concerning his wishes. For more evident representation that the client wishes to receive the designer selects prototypes – images of an analog of that subject which wants the Customer. And only after discussion of all details and nuances with the client, our expert starts creation of the sketch. On time it usually takes no more than 3-5 days – everything depends on complexity of the order and quantity of the ordered interior elements. It is necessary to understand that design sketches cannot be created quickly, they demand accuracy, reasonableness and competent approach therefore at this stage it is necessary to have patience.

Selection of material

After drawing of the sketch, material selection of which furniture will be made follows. The choice depends on style, design and color scheme. It is not simple to make a choice as furniture can be made of an oak, an ash-tree, mahogany, a maple or to zatonirovat under the sample existing at the Customer.

For this purpose, to make a right choice in favor of this or that wood, you need to know both about esthetic, and about operational characteristics of a tree. And as much important aspect in the choice is also the design, it is necessary to look at wood samples, to touch it, to attentively consider the invoice, and also to feel texture.

– If you have more to liking impressive breeds of wood (when the texture of natural, natural wood is accurately felt) – choose nut, an oak, it is possible even an ash-tree or a brashirovanny pine. Looking at furniture from such materials, at once it is clear that it is made of absolute, natural wood.
– In case the design of furniture assumes the shouting, bright colors as it will be established to the nursery (for example, blue, pink, yellow, blue, green), then in this case it is extremely desirable for you to give preference to smooth breeds which easily give in to coloring. The beech, anegr, abash and a maple, wood of a birch, poplar, an alder and linden concern those, will also approach.
– If you like more ideally smooth surface (or if material is selected for production of a desk), then in that case we recommend to you to pay attention to wood of an oak, cherry, and also American nut, a maple, beech, wenge …

As for a combination among themselves of several materials (for example, a tree, incrustation, mosaic inserts), it is worth relying you on our designer here – he will prompt as where and why it is better to combine materials.

After the issue concerning material selection is resolved, it will be necessary only to discuss color registration of furniture and the invoice of materials. But also here too is over what to reflect. The matter is that modern paint and varnish coatings to experts allow to realize the most unusual and unique designs now, to give to wood any shades and combinations of flowers.


Implementation of the order takes on average about 45 days – all depends on complexity of work and quantity of elements of composition. It is necessary to understand that all dressing is carried out by masters completely manually. The purpose of our masters and designers – to give strong personality to each interior element created by them.

Address to our company, and you with guarantee receive as a result quality elite furniture which will emphasize your good taste, and will please you for many years.

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