The furniture company “” – manufacturer of elite furniture and home decoration, more than from 20 summer length of service in the Moscow furniture market, is glad to report to you about absolutely new direction of our production “VITAWOOD”.

We combined in this furniture of the idea of stylish design and improving effect. Osnovy difference of furniture of “VITAWOOD” from other, this use in its production of curative breeds of a tree (the Lebanese cedar, the Altai cedar, a fir, a juniper, an eucalyptus tree, a camphor tree). Plus to it we invented the system of purification of air which is built in a bed which, using replaceable cartridges with medicative herbs, allows not only to purify air but also to enrich it with useful properties of herbs. * in more detail you will be told by our CEO and the author of the idea Anton Nikolaev in ours of 5 minute video presentations: “VITAWOOD”

We consider that in any hotel, sanatorium or boarding house, surely there has to be “improving number”, stay in which, besides the derived pleasure from a stylish interior, is the procedure of improvement, rejuvenation, stress relief and extension of life…

* Before use, surely consult with the expert (doctor).

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