Wooden interiors are always in the fashion trend. The advantages of such decoration of premises for various purposes – residential, office or public, are obvious, here are just some of them:

No other material allows you to create such a prestigious and elegant interior as precious wood. Wooden interiors are always exclusive and custom-made, so they are quite expensive. They emphasize the taste of the owners, reflect their status.

Workshops luxury furniture and other furnishings made of solid wood are produced in Moscow.

You can order individually sized individual finishing details from us – wall panels, interior partitions, doors, stairs, ceilings and other products, or the entire interior made of solid natural wood.

Our products are always exclusive and of high quality. We carry out the entire scope of work on a turnkey basis – from measurements and sketching, to delivery and installation of finished products. Watch a short video with elite interiors made in our production, together with well-known designers.

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