Do you know that there are furniture that has a healing effect? Have you ever thought about the fact that all essential oils from which medicines are made are derived from wood?
Camphor, eucalyptus, cedar, fir, juniper - these are exactly the types of wood from which we make furniture with the effect of healing and rejuvenation. And this effect can be purposefully matched to your body and enhanced with special means and methods that we have tested, patented and effectively applied for more than ten years!

Did you know that furniture can be covered not with smelly varnish, but with special wax mastic with the addition of propolis and lavender oil?

It has been tested for centuries, kills bacteria and fungi, is useful and smells nice…

Order an expensive luxury wardrobe or a wardrobe for the living room in Moscow. In general, health and environmental friendliness are the factors that nowadays it is worth paying attention to when ordering furniture for yourself and your children …
, hallway, dining room, bedroom or other rooms can always be in the workshops .

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